Winters In North Jersey

by Harvard On The Hill

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This album came from us needing to play music after the break up of our band. This album is about not rolling over and keep doing what you love even if you have to go out of your way to make it happen.


released December 22, 2012

Thank you to Will Weber, Jenn Diaz, Matt Masar, Ian Todaro, and our parents



all rights reserved


Harvard On The Hill Rockaway, New Jersey

We're three kids from New Jersey playing songs we wrote in our basements.

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Track Name: '95 Volvo
I've always wanted your voice right next to me.
Singing from my passenger seat.
I'm sorry if I veer left, it's not my intent.
But the '95 Volvo can't hold my innocence.

So trust me I'm coming undone.
I'm not ready for this but it's filling up my lungs.
With words I can't make out.
So I'll just sit here and smile because I don't want to sound dumb.

I'm just getting to know you a lot more this year.
I'm feeling something new in this cool fall air.
It's not much a secret, all these feelings show.
So maybe it'll work out and maybe it'll snow.
Track Name: Big Yellow Taxi
Another late night trip to the local liquor store.
And it feels like Arnold Palmer is the only thing I drink anymore.
And I missed out on another party but you know dam well I don't care.
Because my idea of a good time here is in the bullshit over there.

Now I sit in the back of a taxi thinking about the dreams I haven't has since 15.
I know it's hard for you to think.
But it get worse from here but it can't and it won't if you just bare with me.
For another shitty night in D.C.

The bed in my hotel room is as hard as a rock.
And I'm too god dam tired to take off my watch.
And I feel like I'm trapped like a street corner mime.
And I'm just gonna need something to help pass the time.

I can't sleep at night (sleep all day)
It's just that plain and simple.
You threw your life away and I watched as it comes unglued.
I can't sleep at night (sleep all day)
Without thinking about you.
I gotta make a change, it's the least that I could do.
It's the least that i could do.
Track Name: Duly Appointed Federal Marshals
I'm driving around town again.
I pass your house and try to tell myself that I didn't mean to look.
It's just my way of making slow long days drag on a little less.

You always told me that you'd be around.
But when I fell I hit the ground.

So I sit here thinking of the things you said that night.
You said look into the future and everything will be alright.
Now my picture lays shattered on your kitchen floor.
It's funny to think we were so real before.

Well I hate that these notes are left unread.
I guess you just didn't care then.
So don't even try to mend these ties that you broke.
There's nothing left.

Now my eyes burn a hole in my ceiling (and you can't believe it)
I hope you know just how I'm feeling (well I get this feeling)
I heard you were different, let it go (just let me go)
I can't afford to change and I'm not alone.
No I can't afford to change and I'm not alone.
Track Name: A Song About Something
You know I can't get by.
On these things you left behind.
But you know I'll make it through.
With these things I said to you.

I never thought it would end up like this.
With you and me wrapped up in all this shit.
And everyday I'm reminded of what we had.

Now I cant talk about the things we did when we were young (when we were young)
The pain in my chest it knocks me off my feet.
No I can't think of the things we had when we were young (when we were young)
I just gotta get back up, brush my shoulders off and move on.

Now I sit in this diner on a Saturday night with my best friends (with my best friends)
It's midnight were tired and nobody's saying a word.
The Wonder Years are on the radio and I never want this night to end.
Although I can say summer of 2012 was my best.
Track Name: Most My Nights End at Hibernia
My car doesn't work.
I can't make it to school or even my job.
It feels like i work for pocket change like it matters.
I'll blow it anyway.

So someone please get me out of this rut.
It feels like I've been here for a couple months.
And all I do it lay here listening to my Wonder Years CD or my Glamour Kills LP

And I just don't know what to think about this town anymore.

And I'll break through these walls you thought contained me.
I'm sick of putting myself down.
And I'll try to get by these insecurities that always seem to haunt me.
Track Name: Winters in North Jersey
I'm lost in my head as I think about the things that always try to get me down.
As I look back on the last 3 months it's so hard not to turn the car around.

My so called friends say I'm better off but they don't know what I want.
They say all I need is Xbox.
But I can't bring myself to play it.
You know it gives me headaches.
All i want it to take on the world with you.

The cold winter air reminds me of staring out your window and talking about the past.
The snow covered ground has got me thinking about the songs we use to sing and how life moves so fast.

My so called friends say I'm better off but they don't know what I want.
They say all I need is Tupac.
The songs I sing are enough for me.
All I want is to be with the girl for me.

And by the way.
I know it's cliche.
I don't see whats wrong with it.

You think I'm crazy.
I don't feel that way.
I just want that someone else.

(My so called friends say I'm better off but they don't know what I want)
Track Name: This is What I Need
And people try to tell me that I don't belong but I know I belong with you.
And every single day that I spend with you is a day I never want to lose
I love it when you laugh at all your dumb jokes and hate when I don't shave
And I can't get enough of the songs you sing even though I hate the bands in every single way

And I know that there's more to this.
And when I see your headlights.
I know i'm home.
And now I can see the better part of me.
And I hope that you see.
This is what I need.

I love the way that you hold me.
And I love when you tell me I'm pretty without make-up on.
And people try to tell me it's not what it seems.
But no one will know the way I feel when you're with me.
Track Name: Empty Space
Everyone know where you've been and where you stand.
Everyone one knows that the water won't clear scar from your hand.
Running forever will get you everywhere.
But home's where the heart is and you will never get there.

The basement in Jersey is still such a quiet place.
Filled with some memories but mostly an empty space.
The pictures on the wall will show your past.
But memories of little league baseball will never last