A Certain Point of View

by Harvard On The Hill

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released July 1, 2014



all rights reserved


Harvard On The Hill Rockaway, New Jersey

We're three kids from New Jersey playing songs we wrote in our basements.

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Track Name: Lenape Trail
Today I feel I have no hope left,
And all I had swept under the rug.
I'll spend my nights writing sad songs,
But my alarm is still set for 6:08 A.M.
The air always seems thinner when I can't clear my head,
And tonight is pulling down on my eyelids.
A ride around the lake keeps me grounded.
It makes me realize that I'm good with what I have.
I know you think I'm sinking.
The waters getting deep.
But I rather die in this town,
Than tie your anchors to my feet.
Track Name: Tuesdays in the Summer
I want to leave this town cause all I see,
Is all these people they just don't get me.
Don't lose hope is my own advice.
I won't cave in tonight.
My friends all say I'm better off here anyway.
I need to find a way to disappear someday.
We sit and talk tonight.
One Reject to another.
Saying lets get up and run.
Just another Tuesday in the summer.
The smell of the asphalt brings back memories,
of you and me when we'd ride through town.
Feeling free and so naive that they would laugh.
But I don't care.
Everyone says that it's gonna get better but I just don't see it.
I just don't see it.
Track Name: Pictures
I remember summer like last week.
The backyard, the night sky, the diner down the street.
All I have are regrets from a breath that went too far.
Three months has left me with yet another scar.
We can stay up all night the talks get us nowhere the truth is in the way.
Stealing things from deaths suitcase.
The past three years seem like so long ago.
Trying to move on so hard to let go.
They say pictures are worth a thousand words.
They lie in a pile I try not to get burned.
The sun that shines through the window wakes me up at 6 A.M.
I'll try to stay awake past the sunset.
With a smile on my face and your hand around my waist,
I'll step closer to the edge.
One push is all it takes because life is too fast paced,
and full of regrets and mistakes.
Track Name: Won't Forget This
I hate standing in the rain.
It makes my heart beat a little softer.
I know I can't pretend this feeling makes you stay just a little longer.
The light out on your front porch has helped me shut my bloodshot eyes.
And the thought of the holes in my ceiling has left me helplessly lost tonight.
And I've been driving past your house.
And I know I feel a little restless.
The shaking in my hands, the pain in my chest
Has got me hearing footsteps in the attic
The walls close in, this feeling begins.
I can't take being lost but I can feel it within.
The rain on the window and the scars on my knees.
And you know I hate being who I don't wanna be.
Trying hard to run from all these feelings again but it's hard when you know this town like the back of your hand.
It's tough facing this empty basement feeling the same but this month has got me feeling okay.
(No I won't forget this x2)
Track Name: A Certain Point of View
The sun dries up whats left of me
And I can hardly see any good this did for me.
So I'll kill myself for every mistake I make.
Well I can hardly move, I can hardly breath, I can hardly let go what this made of me.
So I'll leave this place for better or foe worse.
Don't leave it up to me.
I'll just fuck it up like you'd expect of me.
The records spinning like the gears in my mind remind me this is growing up.
The clothes on my back are all that I have so wish me luck.
I lost my better half to friends I thought I had but I have nothing to regret.
So I'll spend my time trying to find my way step by step.
The nights have turned to silence and it gets hard to fight it.
The broken phone the dial tone and my broken heart beside it.
Trying to deal with what my father said was right.
I know how it feels to be left all alone.
Theres nothing quite like it that cuts to the bone.
Feelings of memories stuck in the back of my head.
But this empty bed feels like an empty grave.
The headboard is etched with a date and a name.
I won't let this be the place where I'm bound to end up
(I know you think I'm sinking
The waters getting deep.
But I rather die in this town
Than tie your anchors to me feet)
But it's hard when you blame yourself.
Track Name: Harsh Words
Casual feeling of 4 A.M. again.
Waking up next to a pad and pen.
How could I forget this bed and the cold sweat.
The harsh words that fill up my head.
You promised we'll never break but I'm not breathing now my heart won't make a sound.
Cause I need to go back to months ago.
But that park bench will never be the same.
It's cold out and I can see the sadness inside of me fade in and out with every single breath.
The casual feeling of noon again.
The sun shows the problems and scars from when.
The waiting in this life has come back around.
Scared to move forward afraid of losing ground.
Cause I need to go back to months ago.
But that park bench will never be the same.
It's cold out and I can see the happiness inside of me fade in and out like everything you said.